Vatos Urban Tacos

Guys. Since I’ve officially begun my foray into restaurant reviews, I’ve been dying to tell you about one of my favorite restaurants in Korea – Vatos Urban Tacos. Aside from the fact that I like the name, the food is AMAZING. I’ve been looking forward to telling you guys about it for ages. Except I kept forgetting to bring my camera to the restaurant. Or forgetting to take pictures of the food before I shoved it in my face. Fortunately, they recently opened up a branch near my apartment so I don’t to schlep all the way out to Itaewon after one of those days where you need a drink as big as your head. Which they totally have. They’re called makgeollitas. It’s a margarita made with makgeolli and it sounds gross but it’s heaven. I highly recommend the peach flavor. They also have those margaritas with upside down beer or wine coolers in them in some fabulous flavors. My personal favorite is “I’m Rick James, Peach!” The Gold Digger is also quite good. While their beverages are a huge part of why I frequent this fine establishment, their food ain’t bad, either. My hands down favorite things on the menu are the kimchi carnitas fries and the fish tacos. While the kimchi carnitas fries (or some incarnation of them) are becoming a staple at Mexican restaurants in Seoul, the fries at Vatos are still the best. The Brit and I split an order literally every time we go. You would be remiss not to give them a try. I also get the fish tacos every time I go because THEY TASTE LIKE CALIFORNIA. For real real. Sunshine and surf. Right in my mouth hole. The Brit is a bit more adventurous and mixes it up from time to time, but is a big fan of the Vatos burrito. The kimchi gives it a nice kick. The guac and queso are good, but a little pricey for what you get. But sometimes you just need a little guac or queso, you know? The only thing on the menu that I’ve tried that I didn’t like was the tamale. But tamales are one of my favorite foods and I’m used to home cooked tamales. Also, I’ve never ordered a burger because TACOS.

So, if you find yourself in Seoul, head over to one of their many locations. And if you’re in Daejeon, keep your eyes open for a new location opening soon! Check out my tumblr for some mouth watering photos.



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