Getting Our History On

A few weeks ago, Joe and I headed out to the two history museums in Jeonju (they are literally in the same parking lot). First up was the Jeonju National Museum. Almost all of the signs there had English translations, so we actually got to read about Korean History (which I thought was actually kind of interesting). They had some neat displays of old jewelry, pottery, weapons and tools. I especially liked the traditional furniture. They had some beautiful hand crafted dressers and tables. There were also some seriously creepy displays of wax people depicting traditional Korean scenes. It was kind of dark in the museum, and I kept seeing them out of the corner of my eye and thinking they were real people. Because I’m a dork. And I probably watch too many scary movies. I ran into one of my students there, and he and his class think Joe is my boyfriend. Possibly due to the fact I perpetuate the lie because Megan Teacher is much cooler now that she has a boyfriend. And the cooler they think I am, the easier they are to deal with (they are in junior high). They even have a couple’s name for us: Jogan. They are really disappointed in Joe, though, because he hasn’t gotten me a couple’s ring yet. But I digress, I was chatting with my student for a bit, and his museum teacher must have thought I was some crazy waygook because she kept trying to get him away from me. Then Joe and I meandered on over to the Jeonju History Museum, which was decidedly less cool. There were, like, 3 displays and maybe only 2 signs in English. I think we spent all of 20 minutes there. The most interesting part of our day ended up being our journey home, which turned out to be a bit of an adventure. We decided to take the bus home because it MUCH cheaper than a taxi, but we didn’t know which bus to take. So we just picked a random bus and hopped on. It may have eventually taken us near my house, but we’ll never know. It stopped near a market that I’d been wanting to check out, so we got out there. The market was a bit of a disappointment, and we decided to leave after we saw a booth selling dog.  Gross. Again, we didn’t know which bus to take so, again, we hopped a random bus. It looked like it was heading towards my place, but then it started heading in the wrong direction. So we got off and walked the rest of the way home. Overall, the museums weren’t terribly exciting, but we were glad to get out of the house for an afternoon and enjoyed our mini-adventure.

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