Sports Day

Recently, my school had a Sports Day. I wasn’t looking forward to it because not only did it involve showing up (unpaid) on a Saturday, it was also while my mom was here and it meant that I had to miss out on a huge chunk of our weekend in Seoul. Fortunately, I did end up having a lot more fun than I anticipated (although I still would rather have been in Seoul). I had no idea what was going to happen, I just knew that I was on the red team. It was only for the kindergarteners and their families, so only the 5 to 7-year-old students were there. As it turns out, the teachers’ main function was to cheer their team on, although we did participate in a few competitions. The events were mainly children only or children and parent competitions. It was really interesting to meet my students parents. A couple of them have parents that speak English really well, so I actually got to have conversations with them. But most of them just kept trying to get their kids to come up and talk to me so they could witness them speaking English. Angela, one of my favorite little nuggets, hooked Megan Teacher up with a grocery bag full of homemade food. Some of it was so-so, but most of it was pretty good. And since I didn’t have time to get food in between Sports Day and catching the 3 1/2 hour bus to Seoul, it was greatly appreciated. We had some of your pretty standard competitions: sack race, bean bag toss (where I held the basket, so I got pegged in the face a few times), a relay race. Then there was a relay race where the kids hooked a backpack with a parachute on their backs and  run to the cone and back. That was pretty hilarious to watch. Then the teachers had to do it, only with a much larger parachute. I’m sure that was an even more hilarious sight. Fortunately there is no documentation of this. There was one race where a kid and a parent had to push a ginormous ball to the cone and back and during the switch from one team to the next, my other little nugget, Daisy, ran smack into the ball. But she was so tiny that she just bounced right off of it and it knocked her to the ground. It was actually pretty funny (which I feel okay about saying since she wasn’t really hurt). The race the kids loved the best was one where they sat in a giant bucket and two parents ran carrying the basket to the cone and back. I’m sure the parents didn’t love that one quite as much, though. All in all, it was a fun (albeit tiring) day bonding with my students. But I still rather would have been in Seoul.

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