It’s a Zoo Out There!

A few weeks ago we took the kinders on a field trip to the zoo, but we only looked at a few animals before we just let them run amok for the rest of the trip. I wanted to wait until I had a chance to properly explore the zoo before I did a post about it. Fortunately, Mom’s trip was the perfect opportunity for such an adventure. I had heard really bad things about the zoo before I went there. People were saying that it was really depressing and that the cages were really small. And while I definitely encountered some cages that were a bit small for it’s inhabitants, overall it was a really enjoyable experience – both with the kids and with Mom and my friends. The trip with the kids was great because kids are hilarious when they see animals. Every time we saw a new animal, the kids erupted in oohs and aahs and, “Megan Teacher! Megan Teacher! Look! Look!”  I have a great photo of Angela showing me her hippo face. Then we played tag under the cherry blossoms ( which were blooming much nicer than at the Cherry Blossom Festival). Then, a couple of weeks later, I went with my mom and my friends Joe and Emily (basically, my partners-in-crime in the ROK). The weather was beautiful, and I think we wandered every square inch of the zoo grounds. There was a gorgeous pond that we had lunch at. We wandered through the cherry trees and up through all of the animal cages. Korea definitely has an interesting idea of what constitutes a zoo-worthy animal. We saw a skunk, a “raccoon dog,” some guinea pigs and some actual dogs. I’m chalking it up to cultural differences. Joe got a little excited about the skunk because he’d never seen one before. He’s English, and apparently they don’t have skunks in England. Lucky bastards. I also found it interesting how close you could get to the animals. We could literally reach out and touch the zebras. If you were tall enough, you could reach up and feed the giraffes. And I don’t know if feeding the animals is exactly allowed, but it definitely isn’t actively prohibited. People were throwing food into many of the animal enclosures, and were ripping the plants out of the ground and giving them to animals.  I was shocked. But while I was too chicken to touch the zebra, I definitely got really close to it. After we finished taking  a millions pictures of animals, we moved on to the rides. Yup, their zoo has rides. They have an area specifically for the little ones, and another with a Ferris wheel, a couple of small roller coasters, a haunted house, bumper cars, a viking ship, a carousel, swings, and this thing that you pedal around a track, like, 15 feet up in the air. Mom didn’t go on any of the rides, but Joe, Emily and I definitely did. We started on the Ferris wheel and then moved on to the bumper cars where we gave some Korean kids a run for their money. Joe and Emily hit up the viking ship where a “who can scream the loudest” contest was started with the other side of the ship. Then Joe and I rode the up high pedal car things, where Joe kept trying to ram into the dad and kid in front of us because they were going to slow, and the little girls behind us tried to ram us because they thought we were going to slow. All in all, it was a great afternoon followed up by going to the movies to see The Avengers. Life is good. =)

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