Cherry Blossom Festival

Last month, my friends and I ventured to the neighboring town of Soyang for the Cherry Blossom Festival. Korean festivals are not like American festivals, which is not necessarily a bad thing, just different. I was expecting lots of food, some booths selling nicknacks and handmade goods that I could waste money on, some games, maybe a few small rides and some live entertainment. The kind of event you can waste and afternoon at. It was not to be. Except for the food. But I didn’t know what most of it was, so that was kind of limiting. It took all of about 10 minutes to explore what the festival had to offer. There were a couple of games. Like, literally, I think two. BUT, I did get to see a nun shoot a gun at some balls, so that was pretty cool. And the entertainment alone made the trip worthwhile. Apparently clowns in Korea like to wear women’s clothing. One guy looked like a clown from, like, the 40s – except that he was wearing a red bra on his head. And the other clown looked like a street corner from the 80s had a prostitute missing. Somehow, amidst the gender-bending, my friends and I were the ones being gawked at. As the only waygooks in attendance, we stuck out like a sore thumb (more so than clowns in women’s underwear, I guess).  A Korean kid eyeballed us for a few minutes before reaching out and rubbing my arm. Maybe he was trying to figure out if I was real? I’ll never know. At any rate, it was a nice afternoon outside of Jeonju, even if the festival was a little lackluster. I suppose we’ll always have the clowns…

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