Children’s Day/Parents’ Day/Teachers’ Day

Well, May is a busy month here in Korea. We get the party started off on May 5th. No, not Cinco De Mayo (or Cinco De Drinko, as I like to call it). May 5th in Korea is Children’s Day, which is kind of a big deal. It’s even a national holiday. Tragically, it fell on Saturday this year, so I got exactly zero days off. None of that, “Well, go ahead and take Friday off business here.” Korea isn’t as lazy as America, so they would never dream of giving us a day off that they didn’t have to. Anyway, on this day, parents traditionally give presents to their children and spend time doing fun things with them. My mom was in town for the holiday (more on that in a later blog), and we spent the weekend at the local Hanok (traditional) Village and at the zoo and there were plenty of goings on and people out. We had a party at school (similar to our Halloween Party) where the children got to exchange stamps that they’ve been earning for fake money, which they then spend at our “restaurant” and “stationery store”. They also go around to different rooms, where each teacher hosts a different game. We had the ever popular “candy pong.” Yup, it’s exactly what you think it is. But with candy, not beer. Also, pictionary, canape making, beading, and then my room (OBVIOUSLY the most awesome): dance party. I basically spent 8 hours dancing (1/2 the time by myself because teenagers are douchebags). It was Kpop city. I even learned some Kpop dance moves. Kpop is Korean pop. It’s amazing/awful. Again, another blog for another time. I was SO tired by the time I was done (and also a little smelly). But overall, it was a really fun day. Then, May 8th is Parents’ Day. It is not a national holiday, so again, no day off. On this day, children often make paper carnations for their parents and give them a card. I was hoping we might make some paper carnations at school so I could give one to my mom and send one home for my dad, but no dice. My folks got zilch that day. What a horrible daughter. I don’t feel too bad, though, because I’m sure they’re used to it by now. And then, on May 15th, there is Teachers’ Day. Best. Day. Ever. Teacher’s get showered with presents. Okay, more like some light precipitation in my case. I didn’t receive as many presents as I expected. I know that sounds really greedy, but based on what I’d heard, I thought I’d get more. HOWEVER, they presents I did receive were much more generous than I was anticipating. And really, the cards I got were the best part of all. My students are really so adorable. SOME teachers got the day off, but not I. Fortunately, this coming Monday is Buddha’s birthday, so finally a day off! Below are a bunch of pictures from both the Children’s Day party and Teachers’ Day. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did! And here is a video of one of my favorite students dancing at the party. He shows me his sweet dance moves everyday at school, and now you can enjoy them as well! Flippin sweet dance moves.

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