Trick Art Gallery

So my friends, Joe and Emily, and I ventured to the Trick Art Gallery at the local Sori Arts Center. We’d seen some other Jeonju locals post some pretty interesting pics and wanted to check this place out for ourselves, and it did not disappoint. We spent a couple of hours wandering around, taking photo after (sometimes inappropriate) photo, pushing small children out of the way so we could get our photo op. Trust me, you’d have done the same thing if you were having as much fun as we were. We took a brief respite between floors to sit for a caricature . Worst. Caricature. Ever. Emily and I look like the same person, except one of us has curly hair and the other has straight. And Joe has a goatee, buck teeth and something seriously unsettling going on with his lips, which is mostly untrue of flesh-and-bone Joe. I’m pretty sure the guy had never seen a white person before. The worst part is that because I can’t read Korean, I thought the sign said $10 when really it said $10/person. So the abomination that is our “likeness” cost 30 smackaroonees in the end. C’est la vie. At least I now have a conversation piece hanging in my kitchen…

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